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Los Angeles, with its vibrant energy and diverse attractions, is a fantastic destination for families seeking a short-term stay. VIP Corporate Housing is your partner in ensuring a family-friendly experience, providing fully furnished apartments that offer comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury.

Let’s explore what you need, the qualifications, and why our short-term stays are the ideal choice for your family’s adventure in the City of Angels. Discover the unmatched amenities in our Los Angeles corporate apartments.

Family-friendly corporate housing in Los Angeles - Experience comfort and convenience for your entire family with our thoughtfully crafted accommodations.
Create lasting memories in our family-friendly corporate housing in Los Angeles. Comfort and convenience designed for families of all sizes.

What You Need for a Seamless Family Friendly Stay in LA:

1. Spacious Living Areas:

Our family-friendly corporate apartments are designed to provide ample space for everyone. From cozy living rooms for family movie nights to dining areas for shared meals, we prioritize spaciousness to ensure your family feels right at home.

2. Fully Equipped Kitchens:

Say goodbye to the hassle of eating out for every meal. VIP Corporate Housing offers fully equipped kitchens, allowing you to prepare your family’s favorite dishes and maintain a sense of routine during your stay.

3. Child-Friendly Amenities:

We understand the unique needs of families traveling with children. Our apartments come equipped with child-friendly amenities, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for the little ones.

4. Flexible Workspaces:

For those blending work and family time, our apartments feature flexible workspaces. Whether you’re catching up on emails or your kids are tackling homework, our spaces cater to the modern family’s dynamic lifestyle.

5. In-Unit Laundry Facilities:

Pack light and enjoy the convenience of in-unit laundry facilities. Families can easily manage laundry without the need to search for external services.

Qualifications for Your Family’s VIP Stay:

VIP Corporate Housing caters to families of all sizes, offering short-term stays without the constraints of long-term leases. Whether you’re relocating, on an extended vacation, or in town for a project, our apartments are tailored to meet the unique needs of families.

Insights from Elliot Joelson: Enhancing Family Experiences Since 2007

“As a professional in the corporate housing industry since 2007, I’ve witnessed the evolving needs of families on the move. VIP Corporate Housing is committed to providing a family-friendly experience that combines the comforts of home with the excitement of exploring a new city.”

Understanding Local Needs: A Personalized Touch for Your Family’s LA Adventure

Los Angeles is not just a city; it’s a collection of unique neighborhoods, each with its own character. VIP Corporate Housing goes beyond providing standard family-friendly amenities; we tailor our offerings to the local experience. Enjoy a stay that resonates with the distinctive vibe of your chosen neighborhood. Proud member of the California Apartment Association.

Local Insights: Unlocking Family-Friendly Adventures

Discover family-friendly gems and local favorites with our unique insights into LA’s cultural tapestry. VIP Corporate Housing ensures your stay is not just about the amenities within your apartment but extends to the enriching experiences waiting just beyond your doorstep.

 Choose  Corporate Housing for Your Family Stay

Elevate your family’s stay in Los Angeles with VIP Corporate Housing. Contact us today to book an apartment that aligns with your family’s needs and preferences. Your journey to a family-friendly, convenient, and comfortable stay in the heart of LA begins here.

Experience the VIP difference – where family-friendly amenities are not just features but integral elements enhancing your family’s overall stay. Make the most of your family’s time in Los Angeles with VIP Corporate Housing, where every detail is crafted with your family’s comfort and enjoyment in mind. Your extraordinary family adventure awaits!


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